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Group Obedience Class-Scarborough ME

"Awesome Dog" General Obedience Classes Where: PetLife, Scarborough, ME (across from Cabela's)When: Wednesday Evenings -Runs for 6 weeks Starts Wednesday, Nov 30th 6:30PM-7:30 PM Cost: $135 Please register and Pay directly at the Scarborough … [Read More...]

Imprinting your Puppy

 Puppy imprinting is a period of emotional and intellectual development that occurs during the first 16 weeks of your puppy's life. During this phase your puppy is storing information, experiences and associations for retrieval later in life. Puppies … [Read More...]

Dog not listening? Kick him off the couch!

A lot of folks get a dog dreaming of cozy afternoons cuddling on the couch or warms nights of snuggling in bed. Before you invite Fido up for snuggle, stop to consider how he will interpret this liberty. To a dog, all of the good things in life … [Read More...]