The Power of Feeding Methods

The method in which you feed your dog can help or hinder the training process. From the dog’s perspective, the leader is the one who holds the resources.  If you are just putting food down in a bowl for your dog to eat at his leisure throughout the day, you are not utilizing a very […]

Go to “Place”

Dogs are social animals and are happiest when they are with their humans. By giving your dog his own place, you can allow him to stick around when there is a lot going on or when company arrives. He will no longer need to banished to the back room or to a crate but can […]

Multiple Dog Households

Those of us with multiple dog households know how fun it is to watch canine “siblings” romp and play. However, there are a few things to watch out for to ensure that you remain leader of the pack. 1.  Watch out for exclusive bonding between dogs. When this happens, you will have one or more dogs that are […]

Generalization-Taking the show on the road

You have put in the time and now your dog is reliably sitting, downing, staying and coming to you on cue. Chances are that you have done the majority of your training in your yard, neighborhood or living room. Now it’s time to take this show on the road. A dog that comes when called in from the back yard […]

Basic Obedience 4.2: Leave It

There will be times when your dog is going to put something into his mouth that is not appropriate, is harmful, or is just plain gross.  You need a command that will stop him in his tracks and get him to visually check in with you. [header_box title=”HOW TO:”]Get out your clicker and some treats.  […]