Basic Obedience 1.4: Down

This lesson builds on my basic obedience series.  If you have not worked through steps 1.1-1.3, I recommend you back up to them first: 1.1 – Mastering Name Recognition 1.2 – Loose Leash Walking 1.3 – Sit Once your dog has begun to master these steps, he is ready to move on to step 1.4, […]

Basic Obedience 1.3: Sit

[header_box title=”How To”] Stand your dog next to you, preferably on the side that you would like him to heel on (usually the left side). [check_list] Hold a treat in your hand while holding a short leash. Gently pull up on the leash, while luring the dog’s nose up with the treat in that hand. If […]

Basic Obedience 1.2: Loose Leash Walking

Walking your dog on a loose leash builds on the name recognation exercise from week 1.  Your dog has realized that there is actually a person at the other end of the leash. This is the first step in having that awesome dog that just wants to be where you are instead of over there. [header_box title=”How […]

Basic Obedience 1.1: Name Recognition

Mastering name recognition heightens your dog’s awareness that there is someone else at the end of the leash…YOU! This exercise sets the foundation for the obedience commands “heel” and “come”.