Basic Obedience 2.3: Come/Recall

This is essentially a continuation of the Name Recognition and Loose Leash exercises from phase one. Your dog now knows that when he comes near you he hits the jackpot! He gets treats, praise, and excellent rubs.

Basic Obedience 2.2: Down/Stay

As with the “Sit” command, “Down” means to stay in position until the dog is told otherwise.  Use the word “FREE” or “OK” to release your dog from Down.  [header_box title=”HOW TO:”]Tell your dog “Down” and keep him in position for 30 seconds.  Praise and periodically feed your dog a treat while he holds the Down position. If your dog […]

Basic Obedience 2.1: Sit/Stay

Congratulations! Your dog is now sitting on command. It is best to teach your dog from the beginning that “SIT” means to “Park It” until I release you. This method eliminates the need for the “Stay” command, because “Stay” is already implied.