Basic Obedience 3.3: Come/Recall From a Distance

Until this point, we have been working on the recall on the 6′ leash.  When your dog is consistently COMING to you on the 6′ leash, upgrade to your long line.  Gradually increase your distance for the recall. [header_box title=”HOW TO:”]You are using the same method for the 6′ recall, but will gradually increase your […]

Basic Obedience 3.2: Finish

The FINISH is the proper method to put your pup back into the HEEL position when you have interrupted a HEEL or have stopped healing for whatever reason. This is a good behavior to have anytime your dog comes to you.

Basic Obedience 3.1: Heel

This is the next step beyond Loose Leash Walking.  Your dog is paying attention to what direction you are headed and is following loosely.  Now we tighten up the distance so that the dog walks in the HEEL position. . [header_box title=”HOW TO:”]Sit your dog on your left side so that he is right next to […]