Fear of Thunderstorms & Fireworks

   Do fireworks and thunder send your dog scrambling under the nearest table? Try these very affective methods for calming your pooch naturally. They really do work! Both of the methods described below work by applying a gentle pressure to your dog’s chest and rib cage. This pressure can calm even a very nervous dog […]

Counter Surfing

Does your dog steal food when you are not around to discourage it? When your dog takes liberties with foodstuffs left on the counter in your presence, a stern, “No”, or “Leave It” often suffices. For most dogs, the message is clear enough that they actually become trustworthy when your eyeballs are elsewhere. For the […]

Healthy Play

      There is nothing more fun than watching your own dog romp and play with other dogs. However, do not expect others to notice when things get tense or out of hand. It is your job to make sure that your dog is having healthy interactions with his canine companions. Pay attention to […]

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Do you worry about leaving your dog home alone because he panics, scratches at the windows and doors, chews through barriers and engages in other destructive behaviors? The majority of dogs that chew our slippers or happily eat the sofa while we are at work are not actually suffering from separation anxiety. For these dogs […]

Dealing with Resource Guarding

Does your dog ever growl at you when you approach his food/toy/chew bone? This behavior is called Resource Guarding.  Resource guarding is caused by your dog’s fear that your approach will somehow result in him losing the  food or item to you.  This is actually a normal behavior in dogs who without it  would  starve […]